Stand Alone SolidWorks App Using SolidDNA

So a lot of people have recently started discovering SolidDNA, a project a started a year or more ago with the aim of bringing the SolidWorks API into the modern world. I got very busy with work and did nothing with it for the last 8 months. Now people are starting to use it, I’ll find time to maintain it again.

The first request is to be able to use the SolidDNA API without making a full SolidWorks plug-in.

It could not be any simpler. Open up Visual Studio and go to `Extensions > Manage Extensions` then click Online. Search for SolidDNA and click Download. Restart Visual Studio to finish the install.

Make sure to click the Modify button to install the extension after closing Visual Studio.

In your `File > New > Project` if you search you will find the SolidDNA template for a Stand Alone application.

Open SolidWorks and then run your project with `F5` or by clicking the Start button.

If you want to run SolidDNA API in your own application it’s as simply as going to `Manage NuGet Packages` of your project, installing the `SolidDNA` package, then before calling any SolidDNA APIs call `AddInIntegration.ConnectToActiveSolidWorks()` (typically when your application starts) and then you can call any APIs. Once done call `AddInIntegration.TearDown()` to clean up the COM reference to the SolidWorks instance.

Any issues hit me up on Twitter or via email.